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Chris Hartley (Head Honcho)

The Devil's Rejects
Say what you will about the movie (I liked it fine, but still had some issues with it), but this is one badass DVD. As if Rob Zombie didn't pack enough pleasing extras on the disc he's seem fit to give us a second disc containing a documentary that follows the movie from pre-production to completion. Clocking in at over two hours it makes this disc worth getting just for it alone.

King Kong (1933)
Warner's 2-disc release of the 1933 classic gets the treatment it deserves with a handful of interesting and entertaining documentaries and a commentary that respects it's status as a "trendsetter". And if you are buying this (and don't want the box set that includes Son Of Kong and Mighty Joe Young), be sure to get the edition that comes in a cool tin box as it not only looks great on your shelf but it has some cool lobby card reprints inside.

Land Of The Dead
Making its second appearance (on my lists anyways), Land Of The Dead was not only an above average movie but also an above average DVD. There's enough features here to keep any horror fan happy and nothing beats the chance to see just how soft-spoken, and seemingly shy, one of horror's greatest directors really is.

Subversive have slowly been building up a good catalogue of titles and their release of this 1972 British flick (originally called The Mutations) is proof of the good treatments they've been giving lesser-known movies. Not only are the extras here a good watch but they've also included lobby card reprints and packed it in a cool clear box with a collage of images from the movie on the inside.

Means To An End
Filmmakers Paul Solet and Jake Hamilton gave me a chance to see their award winning short film and I was impressed with not only their skill in melding comedy and horror, but also in their evident respect for the genre. It's only fitting then that they'd deliver a solid DVD of extras supporting their short film. This disc sits on the list due to the fact you can tell there was a lot of effort put into it and just for the fact it's refreshing to see a "do-it-yourself" package turn out so well.

Josh Pasnak (Staff Writer)

Due to having way too many discs sitting on his shelf waiting for viewing (like Blue Underground's Blind Dead box set) and wanting to give things a fair shake, Josh has decided to skip the DVD ceremonies this year - but he promises something for 2006.

Vhs Caveman (Staff Writer)

Do I really have to explain why there's no DVD's listed here? I mean, c'mon, look at his "pen name" - it's not like DVD and Vhs have much of a loving relationship, in fact I've heard they sleep in seperate beds...