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1996 - 68m.

Virtually unwatchable micro-budgeted import has a bare-bones plot about a deadly wine that turns people into zombies much to the pleasure of a Hitler-wannabe out to rule the world.

After an opening sequence that trots out some outrageous gore, this tiresome and completely awful indie horror/comedy slowly becomes a hard to watch loser of a film.

Trumps-up extreme bad taste and do-it-yourself filmmaking (the three main filmmakers play multiple roles in front of and behind the cameras) but unfortunately doesn't have anything remotely entertaining to offer.

Amusingly cheapjack for about ten minutes, eventually too annoyingly pathetic to watch. Even rips-off Monty Python.

Directed By: Tom J. Moose.
Written By: Tom J. Moose, Adrian Ottiwell, Robert Taylor.

Starring: Robert Taylor, Adrian Ottiwell, Tom J. Moose, Lee Simpson.

aka: Homebrew.