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1983 - 84m.

Firstly, this isn't a zombie movie. In fact the only zombie to appear in the movie is part of a fake voodoo ritual to impress some tourists. Otherwise this is a pretty standard slasher movie that has a bunch of vacationers on a desolate island starting to get killed off by a dopey looking killer (it's basically a guy wrapped in bushes) with scripters Logan O'Neill and William Stoddard deciding to throw-in a few dumb twists into the mix; especially during a finale which sloppily throws in some hokum about a suitcase full of cash.

As these things go it's a watchable time and the kills when they do begin are crammed so close together you won't have time to be disappointed in the fact they mostly occur off-screen (in fact the only real "gore" kill is a so-so decapitation).

Zombie Island Massacre is actually pretty tame stuff with editing that seems a bit off at times and the aforementioned script problems. However it may be of interest just because former Congressman wife Rita Jenrette co-stars (and shows off some sort of freaky looking breasts) and the fact that the score is by Harry Manfredini, who is most popular for doing the music for the Friday The 13th movies and totally rips-off his scores for them here.

But don't rush...

Directed By: John N. Carter.
Written By: Logan O'Neill, William Stoddard.

Starring: David Broadnax, Rita Jenrette, Tom Cantrell, Debbie Ewing.