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1970 - 92m.

Godzilla movie stalwart Inoshiro Honda co-wrote and directed this nutty Japanese monster movie that opens with a cool giant octopus attack then introduces us to one of the two "Gargantuas" at hand; a nasty green coloured one that looks exactly like what it is a man in a furry suit. It's from here it's tons of property destruction, weak plot attempts and an all-out battle royal as the green monster is menaced by the Army and has to take on a fellow brown-coloured creature.

Acceptably cheesy, utterly ridiculous and at times fun; this is a bit long-winded but is okay stuff for fans of Toho's films. Wacky enough to rise above the fact it's not very good with such memorable moments as: an airport smashing mayhem, the horrid "words get stuck in my throat" song, that elaborate electrode contraction, when the evil creature literally tackles choppers from the air, Russ Tamblyn's otherwise throw-away scientist character's theory of the young blossoming when evil's around and a finale that's like a low-brow 'rasslin' match.

Junky - but in a good way. Only nagging question: if they're so afraid of bright light what the heck are they doing out in the sunshine?

Directed By: Inoshiro Honda.
Written By: Inoshiro Honda, Kaoru Mabuchi.

Starring: Russ Tamblyn, Kipp Hamilton, Kenji Sahara, Jun Tazaki.