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1987 - 90m.

This was my first exposure to a film by Greydon Clark (best known for Without Warning and Satan's Cheerleaders) and if his efforts are similar to this it may be my last. He's directly from the Ted V. Mikel's school of filmmaking (that being cheap effects, inept filming and ridiculous scripting) but even Ted has more talent (at least The Corpse Grinders was sort of fun to watch).

Opens on a dopey note with a cat that just happens to be inhabited by a rat-like looking monster escaping from a top secret medical lab and ending up on a yacht headed for the Cayman Islands inhabited by some vacationing college students, a greedy businessman, his hired thug (George Kennedy who makes a lousy heavy) and a boat captain who's only there for the money. Soon people start getting mutilated by the "hand puppet" beast.

Even for a movie made in 1987 this has horrid effects (be it bladder effects, creature or otherwise) and they go perfectly with the clunky dialogue, shitty attack scenes and a lifeboat finale that's the cherry on the desert (let's just say if my eyes could roll any further back in my head...).

The tedium sets in early in this one which may explain why it took me five sittings to get all the way through; this is a boring as Hell film that's a throbbing sore of ineptness and inanity that's cheap-o, tame and a waste of an okay character actor cast. Clare Carey is certainly a treat to look at, the movie is not.

Love when the truck rolls down a hill to the canned sound of breaking glass and when the love scene turns into a hand chew.

Directed By: Greydon Clark.
Written By: Greydon Clark.

Starring: George Kennedy, Alex Cord, Clu Gulager, Toni Hudson.