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1972 - 80m.

The Twilight People is a low-budget Philippines shot knock-off of The Island Of Dr. Moreau from director/co-writer Eddie Romero (who most know for making the "Blood Island" trilogy - a series of films Elvira used to show all the time on her syndicated Movie Macabre show) that has diver John Ashley being kidnapped and taken to a secret island where a mad scientist is mixing humans and animals to make the perfect beings to fight human kind's tendency to destroy the environment. Of course soon our captured hero is helping the scientist's daughter let the animals (who are conviently stored in a handy underground cave in cages) free which leads to a badly staged gun battle to end it.

The only thing this has going for it is the great scenery/underwater photography that graces the first five minutes of the film, after that it's all for naught as we're treated to a meandering and boring sci-fi/horror flick that sports bad creature effects (especially the dog woman; who much to my chagrin gets to be the love interest to the goat man), an overly dramatic musical score and attack scenes that are dark enough to make things almost impossible to make out.

This is inept stuff and is only of interest to see Pam Grier (in an early role) as Alyesa, The Panther Woman - then again even that might not be interesting enough to sit through this piece of crap... (Chris Hartley, 5/1/04)

Directed By: Eddie Romero.
Written By: Eddie Romero, Jerome Small.

Starring: John Ashley, Pat Woodell, Jan Merlin, Charles Macaulay.

aka: Beast; Island Of The Twilight People.