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2001 - 103m.

Michael Gross returns as conspiracy/gun obssessed Burt Gummer for this second direct-to-video tongue-in-cheek sequel to the cult favourite original. This time we go back to the desert town of Perfection (where the original film took place) and catch-up with some of the residents (there's about 5 of the original cast back here) only for Gross, con-man tour guide Shawn Christian and the rest of the town having to take on a new batch of Graboids (the worms), Shriekers (the two-legged strain from part 2) and the third type of beast Assblasters (who can propel themselves using their prosterior).

A much better ride than the previous entry this is fun viewing that turns out much better than other Universal DTV sequels (The Darkman sequels, anyone?) with a cast that has a good time with the material and Gross still amusing (and much welcome) as hammy Burt. Sure, the finale may show-off the so-so creature effects too much - but it doesn't detract from what is essentially a watchable little B-movie.

Director Maddock co-wrote the original with S.S. Wilson (who directed part 2).

Directed By: Brent Maddock.
Written By: John Whelpley.

Starring: Michael Gross, Shawn Christian, Susan Chuang, Ariana Richards.