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1973 - 90m.

More like "Tales That Witness Yawning". Generally uninspired and poor anthology horror has a set-up similiar to the previous years Asylum that has doctor Donald Pleasence (who's completely wasted here) telling the four tales within.

First is a tale of a boy and his invisible tiger; it's underdeveloped at best and kinda silly with a bloody pay-off. Then there's the deliberately paced and ineffective ghost story about a haunted antique bicycle that can take its rider back in time. Joan Collins shows-up and has to deal with a demonic tree that's vying for her husband's affections; and while it's the best tale here it's still ridiculous and only notable for the scene with Collins being molested by the tree in the woods (which is possibly the inspiration for a similiar scene in Evil Dead). And lastly there is the voodoo tale of Kim Novak taking in a celebrity who wants to sacrifice her virginal daughter. The tale is overlong and laughable with a character called "Kimo" (to which we reply "Therapy!").


Directed By: Freddie Francis.
Written By: Jay Fairbank.

Starring: Kim Novak, Georgia Brown, Joan Collins, Jack Hawkins.