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2001 - 81m.

This Full Moon/Tempe co-production takes a fun premise and runs with it.

Elizabeth Ince plays a nasty demon who's taken-up the guise on an innocent old woman who arrives at a New England boarding house and process to manipulate, double-cross and turn the residents fears against them in order to add them to her "paper doll" collection.

With a great old fashioned look and a morbidly fun script by Benjamin Carr; this enjoyable and refreshingly different B-movie actually brings back one's fond memories of Full Moon's earlier efforts (in which they were more fun - and original).

Way above average fare with decent acting (Ince is just super in her role), an old fashioned feel to the proceedings and a sort of neat paper doll finale. You can just sit back and enjoy the demon causing spiralling doses of madness - and then, when it's over, you can recommend this to your friends. Tempe has managed to produce a good one here.

Order from Tempe Video.

Directed By: Neal Marshall Stevens.
Written By: Benjamin Carr.

Starring: Elizabeth Ince, Debra Mayer, Lindy Bryant, Robert Donovan.