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2000 - 94m.

Another Nu Image "giant monster" potboiler this time with a group of college reporters heading off to "Area 21" to investigate a shuttle crash (shown with chintzy effects) only to find it's inhabited by a genetically enhanced spider (project name "mother-in-law") which proceeds to knock-off the cast members (that includes soldiers and other government officials) before the unintentionally lame college campus rampage and crappy finale involving a chopper.

While there's some okay humour at first (like the scene with the wannabe aliens in the newsroom) the problem with this is the fact the script only has "heroes" because it has to (since all the characters are throwaway), the effects are for the most part junky (though the make-up effects at the crash scene is decent and there's cool "spider out of mouth" and "leg burst" moments) and it's just too silly and dumb to work (as witnessed by the pathetic "spiderweb at the bottom of the elevator shaft" moment).

Starts out faring better than most Nu Image product (and is enjoyably dopey) but soon crumbles under its weak script, poor effects and incredibly groanable last third.

Skippable stuff for sure though you have to ask yourself why people would take a COLLEGE newspaper reporter so seriously.

Followed by a sequel.

Directed By: Gary Jones.
Written By: Jace Anderson, Stephen Brooks, Adam Gierasch.

Starring: Lana Parrilla, Josh Green, Oliver MacReady, Nick Swarts.