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2002 - 90m.

Killer, sentient snakes have been a stand-by of the low-budget horror movie for years, the problem is, they're rarely worth watching. Snake Island half falls into that rut, but it has enough energy and pointless nudity to make it just a little better. Too bad the plot's thinner than William Katt's hair.

Once again, Katt is a writer, and once again, he picks one of the worst places imaginable to write. The ominously named Snake Island has quite a history, but that doesn't stop our none-too-bright cast from partying and stumbling around after dark. Seems the place has been deserted for years due to some nasty snakes that think the island belongs to them - it never really goes into detail as to how they know that, but it gets obvious when the snakes start herding them and eventually killing them off.

If nothing else, the snakes are mostly real. We get a few terrible looking CGI serpents dropping from trees or working with smaller snakes (that they'd obviously consume much quicker than good ol' Katt) but the rest are real and being dropped on naked bodies/balding heads. There's also the ample nudity I mentioned, which should appeal to some of our more...enlightened readers.

It's far from being a classic, but it's the only movie I can think of with a nude woman, wrapped in a shower curtain, running through the backwoods of Africa in the middle of the night. If nothing else, see it for that. (Red)

Directed By: Wayne Crawford.
Written By: Wayne Crawford, Arthur Payne.

Starring: William Katt, Wayne Crawford, Kate Connor, Dawn Matthews.