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1988 - 79m.

Pamela Springsteen returns as transsexual slasher Angela Baker for a second go around in this third entry that was shot back-to-back with part two.

This time Angela knocks-off a lower class teenage girl to take her place at "Camp New Horizons" (which is the location of the previous slaughters only reopened and renamed) which is supposed to be a lesson in "caring and sharing" as it brings together rich teens and underprivledged teens.

Soon enough though Angela is back to her murdering ways dispatching everyone left, right and center in ways that aren't quite as creative as the previous entry (though the mower and flagpole scenes are alright) but are certainly more abundant.

With the same dopey humour as before (when they catch a hockey mask fishing and mention the day as "Saturday The 14th") this opts for wholesale slaughter over fun and Springsteen just doesn't seem as "into" her role as before. Certainly if you are a fan of this series you will find this to be a watchable and mildly entertaining entry (with a decent sequel set-up) but it just can't match the previous part.

Directed By: Michael A. Simpson.
Written By: Fritz Gordon.

Starring: Pamela Springsteen, Tracy Griffith, Mark Oliver, Kim Wall.