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2005 - 90m.

Horror porn has always been a taboo subject. It is something that has been tried a number of times but filmmakers have never quite succeeded in combining the genres in a way that is appealing to both fans of horror and porn. Some examples are Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead, Porno Holocaust, and Hardgore. Although these have porn elements, I find that films like these fail to succeed as horror movies. Filmmakers never seem to be able to find a happy medium and I find that the porn elements hinder rather than help the film.

Slaughter Disc is a tale about a longhaired porn addict named Mike (Robert Williams) who sends away for a film by a new starlet named Andromeda Strange (Caroline Pierce). He quickly receives the DVD and puts it into his player with his lubed-up hand. What follows is a series of scenes involving Andromeda in various sex acts and Mike's reactions to them. We see Andromeda masturbate with a grim reaper-shaped dildo until she bleeds, slice her own throat, give a few blowjobs, and ride a guy before bashing in his head with a hammer. Needless to say, this is not the most erotic stuff on the planet and if you are looking for some cheap thrills when your girlfriend is away, this will likely not satisfy.

Underneath all of the penetration, there is actually a pretty good story here. The movie plays out like a porno episode of Tales From The Crypt as we see our hero's world being slowly taken over by Andromeda each time he does the five-knuckle chuckle. When he realizes what is going on, the story takes on a creepy tone as Mike tries to figure out what is happening and how to stop it. Unfortunately, as with most films in this genre, these ideas are not able to be explored in a way that I was hoping for. Director David Quitmeyer has made the choice to focus on the sex rather than the story and the film suffers because of it.

Admittedly, it would be difficult to find a balance between the two as I mentioned earlier but I personally would have preferred a bit more meat in the plot rather than Andromeda. One solution could have been to make the sex scenes shorter as they tended to drag on and the content made them relatively unsexy. There is nothing like vaginal blood or a cut to a guy masturbating to kill the mood.

Even though the film has failed in the same area as others of its type, I have to admit that Slaughter Disc did manage to elicit a fair amount of suspense and had me wanting to know what was going to happen. The fact that Andromeda kills herself in her first scene and is a zombie for the rest of the film is also an interesting twist I haven't seen before. Let me put it this way, if the film had not had all of the hardcore sex, the story could have made for a fairly engaging and entertaining short. Regardless, I still have to hand it to Quitmeyer for giving this a shot and trying to make this difficult combination work and attempting to make things interesting. Technically, the film looked okay for being shot on video (aside from the fact that they seemed to rely on natural light rather than proper lighting set-ups) and Andromeda's costumes were quite cool. It would have been great if there could have been a few more locations and characters to keep things fresh as being trapped in Mike's room and Andromeda's den for the entire film made the low budget apparent.

Sure there have been a number of horror rip-off porns in the last few decades such as The Texas Dildo Masquerade and Ejacula but most of these are merely rip-offs of Hollywood movies and contain big-name porn stars such as Chasey Lain and Rocco Siffredi. It is rare that someone tries to take an original idea and make it fly in both a forbidden genre and as an independent film. It took balls to make this and promote it and I have a hard time faulting someone for trying to cross boundaries. He could have also taken the easy way out and went down the rape and torture path that seems to be so popular these days in movies like August Underground. Instead, Quitmeyer has done his own thing and the result is a twisted, horny, version of Vampira that literally screws people to death.

Pierce has appeared in a number of adult films including The Fashonistas which was the AVN best film for 2003. Quitmeyer previously made a XXX-film called Clown Porn which looks pretty bizarre and is featured on the television when we first meet Mike in the film.

Visit the official Slaughter Disc web site for more info! (Josh Pasnak, 3/22/06)

Directed By: David Quitmeyer.
Written By: David Quitmeyer.

Starring: Caroline Pierce, Robert Williams, Jewels MacKenzie, Travis Lee.

Steel Web Studios - March 19, 2005

Picture Ratio: Full Frame.

Picture Quality: As mentioned, this looks like it was shot on video with not a lot of care taken with lighting. This results in an inconsistent feel that may annoy people who are not used to low budget horror.

Extras: First of all, we have a 27-minute behind the scenes featurette which shows how some of the make-up and effects were done as well as some interviews with cast and crew members. This was fairly candid stuff that was obviously shot by someone who had a video camera on set most of the time and the focus is obviously on Pierce. This was pretty entertaining although statements about the film having an anti-pornography message had me scratching my head. Why would you make porn to convey an anti-porn agenda?

We also get five minutes of outtakes, a short photo gallery, a list of the problems encountered during filming, and a teaser. There are a few Easter eggs as well if you look for them. All in all, this was a well-packaged disc.