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1991 - 85m.

The series returns more to its "killer Santa" roots than the previous entry for this sequel that has little boy Derek (William Thorne, who's a fairly comatose child actor) seeing his dad killed by an evil toy that was dropped at the doorstep for him.

From there we find out that local toymaker Joe Petto (veteran actor Mickey Rooney, who's the best thing here) and his odd son Pino (Brian Bremer who does an admirable job, especially in the finale) may be the one giving out all these evil killer toys.

Entertaining entry that might actually be the best in the series thanks to its mildly jokey tone, a script that's filled with in-jokes (such as when a little girl asks a mall Santa for a copy of Bride Of Re-Animator for Christmas - which this films producer/co-writer made), a decent toy assault moment on a babysitter and her boyfriend and one nice "jump" moment involving a Jeep.

The whole thing is fairly predictable but there is an okay twist in the finale. Neith Hunter and Clint Howard (both who were in part four) play roles here.

Directed By: Martin Kitrosser.
Written By: Martin Kitrosser, Brian Yuzna.

Starring: Jane Higginson, Tracy Fraim, Brian Bremer, William Thorne.