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2001 - 93m.

Antonio Sabato, Jr. makes for a fairly bland hero in this fairly bland movie that has him going underwater in the sub he helped design in order to investigate the destruction of an underwater base only for him and the crew on board to get attacked by a Megalodon shark (a gigantic creature, one of which killed Sabato's parents when he was a boy).

Feeling like a weak TV movie this is certainly an unexciting time with lots of bickering between the characters (especially by Grand L. Bush who plays a much too bitter guy and is supposed to supply tension between himself and the lead), adequate CGI effects (the first shark attack isn't too bad), a lead actor who can only manage to smile (even during the "dramatic" moments) and a really poor Jaws homage (Sabato mutters, "We're gonna need a bigger sub").

Passable stuff despite the abrupt unhappy ending (which almost works, but comes too quickly).

Directed By: Matt Codd.
Written By: Sam Wells.

Starring: Antonio Sabato, Jr., Christian Toulali, Grand L. Bush, Heather Marsden.