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2004 - 23m.

It's kung-fu mixed with flesh eating and spine ripping in this indie DV-shot short film that has two martial arts skilled brothers (played by Wilson Wong and Wil Yee) finding themselves in a battle to the death when one of them is killed by an eye-munching "filthy lung fish" at a sushi bar which turns him into a zombie.

Shot for less than a thousand-dollars this is loaded with tons of dopey humour (some of which gives the viewer mild chuckles, I like the fact the brother's gravestone just reads "Brother, Ate Some Bad Sushi") and is played completely over-the-top making it a quite watchable time that is a little thinly scripted due to its short running time but that's alright because it wouldn't have worked as feature length film given its premise.

There's acceptable effects make-up, fight choreography that's fine apart from the fact it's filmed so you can see that they're NOT connecting (although I admit to enjoying the whole "arm beating" moment) and enough odd moments to make it a decent effort by jack-of-all-trades Blaine Wasylkiw.

And is that a "haiku" moment I detected about halfway through? Yes, I do believe it was.

Visit the Official Site for more information and to order your own copy. (Chris Hartley, 3/5/04)

Directed By: Blaine Wasylkiw.
Written By: Blaine Wasylkiw.

Starring: Wilson Wong, Wil Yee, Anders J. Svensson, Paul Marshall.


Picture Ratio: 1.77:1 Widescreen.

Picture Quality: This digitally shot effort certainly looks pretty crisp and clean, but unfortunately the copy I saw had some mid-scene pauses to contend with.

Extras: Alberta's Dancing Monkey Productions has certainly loaded up their DVD for this with a photo gallery, four featurettes (making of, make-up effects, fight scenes and a gag reel) and a whopping four commentaries (which mostly entertain and can't wear out their welcome since the film is less than half-an-hour).