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1987 - 89m.

Expected sequel to the 1985 cult favourite original and actually not as bad as you'd think.

When an Army jeep carrying the cannisters of zombies accidently loses one a bunch of kids find it. Sure enough they crack it open which unleashes the green cloud that soon has the dead coming back craving "brraaaiiinss!" as they cause all sorts of havoc in a suburban neighbourhood.

Though the finale is a bit sloppy and this takes a more juvenile approach this follow-up from writer-director Wiederhorn (who did 1975's Shock Waves) is a dopey time with decent zombie effects (though they feel a bit cartoony), lots of mild slapstick and some decent moments (such as when a zombie is shotgunned in half).

Thom Mathews and James Karen make an okay comedic pair as graverobbers and there's an amusing joke about Michael Jackson's Thriller video as well. This is a pretty good timewaster.

Directed By: Ken Wiederhorn.
Written By: Ken Wiederhorn.

Starring: James Karen, Thom Mathews, Dana Ashbrook, Marsha Dietlein.