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1992 - 81m.

In the early 90's director Adam Rifkin used the name "Rif Coogan" to make two exploitation B-movies. One of them was The Invisible Maniac, the other this unwanted sequel that was originally titled Psycho Cop Returns.

Taking a campy approach that was missing from the first part this follow-up brings back Bobby Ray Shafer as the Satanic, and quite nutso, policeman (his lack of sanity is quite evident from the fact his police car is pretty much a slaughterhouse on wheels filled with body parts and pentagrams) who ends-up overhearing a couple of guys from a nearby office building talking about the bachelor party they're planning on throwing after hours.

Like all good maniacs tend to do, our "psycho cop" shows-up on the scene and proceeds to kill of the partygoers one-by-one while cracking a bunch of one-liners (such as "you have the right to remain...dead").

The setting lends itself perfectly to Dan Povenmire's script which throws out sex jokes, skin, and a bunch of blood on it's way to a finish that is an obvious spoof of the Rodney King videotape that was fresh in everyone's mind when this came out in 1992.

Shafer gets to chew scenery at every opportunity and he turns in a pretty fun performance and even gets to take wisecracking to all new heights in the finale and Psycho Cop 2 actually makes for decent mindless entertainment, but the deaths on hand come across as pretty tame and they seem to be edited down for the R-rated cut I saw (it's quite evident during the "double spearing" scene) so let's hope that the upcoming DVD release restores all the gore that's missing here.

Go into this expecting nothing more than an over-the-top and ridiculous slasher flick and you'll enjoy yourself and see how many times you can spot all the "666" references they've thrown into the movie. (Chris Hartley, 6/16/05)

Directed By: Rif Coogan (Adam Rifkin).
Written By: Dan Povenmire.

Starring: Bobby Ray Shafer, Barbara Lee Alexander, Julie Strain, Nick Vallelonga.