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1991 - 92m.

The series goes back to its slasher roots taking away wise-cracking burned-up prom queen Mary Lou and replacing her with a possessed priest who's suffering from stigmata.

Opening with its only connection to the previous films (in the fact that it's 1957 and at Hamilton High) this has a young couple being slaughtered by the priest (who doesn't take too kindly to "whores"). Thirty-four years later he's been locked away by the church with one priest given the task of watching over him. They give the job to a "newbie" and soon he decides not to give our psycho the medicine that keeps him docile. So off goes our nutty priest who decides to prey on a bunch of graduating high schoolers (that includes the cute Nikki de Boer) spending the weekend in a secluded house.

While this is a bit slow on deaths and the religious themes in the script aren't explored much (in fact the whole plot thread about the church "containing" the killer is mostly forgotten) this is still an entertaining sequel with an alright killer (gotta love his cross/knife combo weapon) and some decent mood. This is much different from the two sequels in front of it because it has no real humour (though they do toast to Jamie Lee Curtis early on - wink, wink!) and goes for a more straightforward horror approach.

If you can forgive the few logic lapses on hand (such as how the killer can call them from inside the house) you'll probably enjoy this not bad follow-up.

Directed By: Clay Borris.
Written By: Richard Beattie.

Starring: Nikki de Boer, Alden Kane, Joy Tanner, Alle Ghadban.