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1997 - 106m.

EI Cinema brings Olaf Ittenbach's notorious splatter-a-thon to North America adding to the companies impressive resume of bringing European horror overseas.

After an opening sequence that's loaded with gore and a cool skeleton regeneration we have an ambitious time jumping plot (though the script generally doesn't hang together too well) that has the first fallen angel, Premutos, attempting to return to Earth through semi-loser Matthias (played by Ittenbach - and the most annoying character here) and bringing along a whole slew of zombie grue, blood, guts and body parts.

Ittenbach comes across like a German Peter Jackson by piling on all sorts of stylish direction on a low-budget, tons of extreme gore (like the wicked shovel in the head and pretty nasty barbed wire/pipes moments); bizarre and odd humour and lots of exploding heads. However due to the scattershot script, a few moments of lousy dialogue (the whole "soccer shorts" exchange is lousy) and some overlong moments (like the bloated dinner party scene) this just doesn't reach the greatness it could have with a little more tight editing.

Finale trots out a pretty kick ass zombie massacre sequence led by Matthias' Army obsessed dad Walter (Christopher Stacey who steals the show) and for pure blood-soaked craziness this is perfect despite some weak moments, poor dubbing and a bad final villain dispatch. Recommended for gore lovers everywhere. Visit Shock-O-Rama to get this.

Directed By: Olaf Ittenbach.
Written By: Olaf Ittenbach.

Starring: Andre Stryi, Ella Wellmann, Christopher Stacey, Anke Fabre.


Picture Ratio: Full Frame.

Picture Quality: Fairly average transfer here as it looks a bit soft and fuzzy at times and has a handful of grain as well.

Extras: A sort of disappointing package as there's a trailer (and EI's usual trailer vault) and an hour long "making of" featurette that's interesting enough byt seems to missing something in the dubbing. Also they've included the German soundtrack but didn't add subtitles.