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1987 - 106m.

Being an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and opening in a typical "action movie" way (that is a group of mercenaries flying in in a hellicopter) this has Arnie and his group of highly trained "soldiers" being brought in for recon on a chopper crash in the middle of the jungle only for them to start finding skinned bodies and slaughtered enemy soldiers.

Soon they find they're not alone in the lush tropics as they start getting killed by a "hunter" alien (dubbed a "Predator") that has the ability to cloak itself and has a great array of weapons on its hands (a powerful shoulder-mounted laser and nasty retractable metal claws). It's up (of course) to Arnie to stop it.

This great mix of action with horror and sci-fi starts like a standard actioner (with lots of hi-explosion action, especially during the raid on the enemy camp) only to start feeling like a slasher flick (be it one set in the jungle with an alien killer).

With lots of grue, top notch effects (like the predator's cloaking ability), an appropriately strong sounding music score and an extremely well-staged final showdown (with a memorable "unmasking" moment) not only makes this one of Schwarzenegger's greatest moments but also one of director John McTiernan's finest films. Highly recommended entertainment. Jesse Ventura (former wrestler and governor of Minnesota) almost steals the show as a gruff, tobbacco-chewing cohort.

Followed by a sequel.

Directed By: John McTiernan.
Written By: Jim Thomas, John Thomas.

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Elpidia Carrillo, Bill Duke.