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1985 - 85m.

Cranked-out sequel due to the surprise success of Wes Craven's original this opens with a decent dream sequence only to go downhill from there.

Mark Patton stars as a teenager who moves into the original's house only to be haunted by Freddy who likes to possess his body and take his razor-sharp claws to Patton's fellow classmates and teachers.

Notable as the only time in the series that body possession comes into play (as in Freddy needs to take over a body to do his deeds); this is the poorest of the series with a weak hero in Patton (though in the end it's Meryl Streep look-a-like Kim Myers who saves the day), now dated 80's dialogue (and the expected dance sequence), tepid dream sequences and a really badly edited "shock" finish.

The first step towards making Freddy a joker (he cracks one-liners here) and probably the most "slasher" movie-ish of the series (even trotting out a pool party massacre) - this has an at the time realtively unknown director (Jack Sholder, who previously did Alone In The Dark) trying his best but not being able to string together a movie that's really that good.

Marshall Bell (who looks and sounds like Randy Quaid) is good as the bad-ass gym teacher and there is a memorable scene involving brains - but this is just a poor sequel. Almost a * 1/2.

Directed By: Jack Sholder.
Written By: David Chaskin.

Starring: Mark Patton, Kim Myers, Robert Rusler, Clu Gulager.