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1981 - 90m.

Twenty years after a handful of brutal murders by a revenge filled miner (who wears the mining outfit and uses a pick-axe to good effect) the town of Valentine's Bluff decides it's time to hold a Valentine's dance. But soon hearts start showing up stuffed in candy boxes and people are killed.

Sure enough, the dance is cancelled but a group of rowdy miners (and their girls) decide to throw a party at the mine, bad mistake. Soon our killer is "picking" (man, am I witty!) them off one-by-one.

Despite the fact that script is pretty by-the-book, there's no real suspense and a pretty weak final fight (which I think is the fault of the sluggish choreography) this is still a watchable time with a flashback/backstory sequence that's decent, some alright kills (though most are edited down to get the "R" rating, apparently there is an "uncut" version out there) and steady direction. But check out that poor sequel set-up before you can enjoy that sweet end credits song by Lee Bach.

And this is so very Canadian a movie since it's littered with Moosehead beer (which is made in Nova Scotia, and quite tasty) and general drunken tomfoolery.

Extremely similiar, both in the killers looks and plot, to the same year's The Prowler.

Directed By: George Mihalka.
Written By: John Beaird.

Starring: Paul Kelman, Lori Hallier, Neil Affleck, Don Francks.