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2000 - 45m.

My first exposure to Low Budget Pictures and hopefully not my last.

Owing a lot to Troma (right down to having mascot characters like "Teen Ape" and "Mr. Bonejack"); Low Budget Pictures has been producing off-beat horror/comedy films for ten years on less budgets than Hollywood movie catering receipts (in fact this was their highest budgeted film at two-thousand).

Deriving its title name from a Seinfeld episode this stars Missy Donatuti (who's funny in her role) as the geeky horror movie freak Mulva who decides to go trick or treating with her best friend only to end-up having to take on a bunch of zombies with the help of some bullies, her friend and neighbourhood wannabe Bill Cosby, Mr. Bonejack (a delightful, stupidly funny and riotous stereotype of African-Americans played with gusto by writer-director Seaver).

With lots of pop culture jokes, in-jokes and horror movie references this is an endearingly tacky and tasty stew of vulgar humour, dopey characters and funny dialogue (sorry, I laughed when Donatuti's character called Yoo-Hoo drinks "the shee-at!").

Take this one seriously - I dare you.

Visit Low Budget Pictures; get it on DVD from Tempe Video.

Directed By: Chris Seaver.
Written By: Chris Seaver.

Starring: Missy Donatuti, Chris Seaver, Mike Nicolai, Joe Anime.


Picture Ratio: Full Screen.

Picture Quality: C'mon people, remember this films budget! It looks alright when you consider that fact.

Extras: The best extra is this comes as the bonus feature on the DVD for Hell Asylum. There's also a Troma inspired introduction, a teaser for "Scrotal Vengeance" and finally a highly entertaining commentary track (probably one of the best I've ever heard).