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1990 - 96m.

Effects-laden trash about a scientist who is turned into a massive worm-like, tentacle-flinging rampaging beast after being exposed to some alien genetic materials that proceeds to slaughter all the people in the top secret lab in which it was formed.

Amateurish looking stuff seems to want to be an effects-a-thon but it's too bad it didn't realize just how terrible and low-grade its effects are not to mention the rotten script (which takes itself very seriously) concocted by writer/director Takakjian.

In between the frequently laughable monster attacks we get a bunch of senseless scientific mumbo jumbo and dialogue delivered by some really bad actors. Bad beyond words.

Directed By: Glenn Takakjian.
Written By: Glenn Takakjian.

Starring: George Gerard, Tony Gigante, Katharine Romaine.