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1983 - 96m.

While it may appear to be another entry into the vaunted Demons series, Mausoleum is actually a rather timid Exorcist clone that's light on both scares and fun. Mausoleum, like many other movies from that period, tries to both be scary and have a sense of humor - and like most of its brethren, it fails miserably.

Bobbie Bresee plays a sheltered house wife who's family has a long history of demonic possession, this of course happens again as a sexually voracious spirit enters her body and begins offing the supporting cast. She, of course, has no idea what's happening (despite her entire family recording these invasions for decades) and it's up to her doctor and her husband to figure out what's happening.

The major thing Mausoleum does wrong is trying to combine more than one idea into an already weak script, had they stuck with it being a possession story, a demons movie, or even a horror comedy the final product would be much better. What we get is a mess of a movie with very few redeeming qualities. The makeup effects are good (done by genre stand-by John Buechler), with a scene involving Bresee's breasts turning into snarling faces really standing out. Strangely though, the demon makeup changes through out the entire film, I'm not sure if this is a progression thing, or a budget thing - I guess we'll never know. (Red)

Directed By: Michael Dugan.
Written By: Robert Barich, Robert Madero, Katerine Rosenwink.

Starring: Bobbie Bresee, Marjoe Gortner, Norman Burton, Maurice Sherbanee.