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2002 - 79m.

This first film from producer Mark Gordon's teen market aiming Cinemacabre has a pretty by-the-book formula as seemingly slow-minded young adult Gilbert Gill ends-up going crazy and killing his stepmother which lands him in an asylum. Well, three years later Gilbert escapes in order to return home (of course) to go after his mentally abusive father and sister, killing anyone who gets in the way.

This is a total low-budget slasher that has okay gore (if a bit fakey at times), a couple of in-jokes (though the horror references get a bit old eventually) and some okay ideas that are given mediocre execution. Still there's lots of dopey deaths (he's strong enough to punch holes in bodies), a cool "exacto knife" moment and a pretty cool three-pronged homemade weapon Gilbert trots out in the finale to distract you from the at times lame dialogue and weak last third.

Generally speaking though, it's nothing special, but it's watchable enough if overly familiar. Director Joe Castro brings religion into the story (now if this is screenwriter Eric Spudic's doing I don't know) just like he did in his 1994 effort Ceremony.

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Directed By: Joe Castro.
Written By: Eric Spudic.

Starring: Perrine Moore, Lee Webb, Carl Darchuk, Brannon Gould.