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1997 - 96m.

The premise of a murderous landlady has certainly been used before, but at least this time it's not mostly played for laughs.

Talia Shire turns in a nutty performance (and keeps this mildly watchable) as a woman who murders her husband when she catches him cheating on her only to flee to a new building and start knocking-off tenants who want to stand in her way of snagging the building "hunk" (Jack Coleman).

Stepfather inspired horror/thriller is yet another low-budgeter by Image Organization that sticks closely to the book; which really means it's just another lukewarm and somewhat mediocre effort.

Shire definitely tries and there is an amusing scene where she watches Coleman through a 2-way mirror popcorn and all; but overall it's a bearable if nothing special film.

Directed By: Rob Malenfant.
Written By: Frank Rehwaldt, George Saunders.

Starring: Talia Shire, Jack Coleman, Melissa Behr, Susie Singer.