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1998 - 72m.

This painful attempt at a throwback to 1950's creature features (with such modern day "touches" as plentiful skin and cursing) was one of a handful of films under Full Moon Entertainment's "Pulp Fantasy" line and I'm willing to bet it's the worst of the lot.

Director David DeCoteau (hiding behind the name Richard Chasen) directs this stinker and he even manages to squeeze in the homoeroticism that's been plaguing his movies in the past five years by throwing in a character who's a male prostitute (and looks fifteen!) and having the two "stoner" characters walking around shirtless in skimpy shorts for the entire movie (heck, one of them even rubs down his own chest while watching the other make-out with the scientist's wife), but that's the least of this movie's problems and you know you're in trouble when the best part of the movie is a credits sequence that looks like it was ripped-off from Re-Animator (another of Full Moon head Charles Band's productions).

The slim story here has scientist Jonathan Norman experimenting with a concoction that's supposed to give be able to let a person look into the "eighth dimension". That's where the young male hooker I mentioned earlier comes in as he becomes the latest test subject only for things to go wrong when a creature from the other World is set loose and possesses his eye. This causes the eye to pop-out of his head, grow to huge proportions (get ready for some paper mache fun!), and jump from body-to-body all the while fondling the two female cast members with it's slimy tentacles (which one of them somehow confuses for the hands of her husband).

It's not the lame finale, constantly groanable dialogue, or even Blake Bailey's annoying performance as the comic relief janitor that drags this one down; what really makes this a chore to watch is the fact it runs a mere 66 minutes (minus credits) and still is boring as Hell. Plus it doesn't help that the effects suck (even though I suspect it's on purpose), the acting is worse, and there's a bunch of cornball sex scenes to help pad it out (including a moment of "shower masturbation" that has to be seen to be dis-believed).

DeCoteau's made some bad films in his day, this has got to be the worst. (Chris Hartley, 2/5/05)

Directed By: Richard Chasen (David DeCoteau).
Written By: Benjamin Carr, Rolfe Kanfesky, Matthew Jason Walsh.

Starring: Jacqueline Lovell, Jonathan Norman, Nanette Bianchi, Costas Koromilas.