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1987 - 90m.

Twelve years after Steven Spielberg's now classic original they unleashed the fourth (and least) entry into the series with Lorraine Gary reprising her role from the first two films as Sheriff Brody's widow who is somehow chased to the Bahamas by a great white shark after she heads there to get away from Amity when her youngest son is chewed-up by said shark.

From there it's all sorts of weak shark attacks, an even weaker (and pointless) romantic angle with pilot Michael Caine and effects that look even less convincing than the Jaws ride at Universal Studios.

Feeling like a dull TV movie; this is uninspired and tired stuff that suffers from stale dialogue, a ridiculous premise (I don't care it's a movie - a shark can NOT hold a vendetta and follow someone across the ocean hundreds of miles!), Mario Van Peebles and his embarassing Rastafarian scientist role and a junky finale. There's nothing here to recommend; heck, even the third entry (which wasn't that good either) at least had cheesy 3-D romping at a Sea World-type amusement park to keep you mildly entertained - this has nothing to. (Chris Hartley, 4/26/04)

Directed By: Joseph Sargent.
Written By: Michael de Guzman.

Starring: Lorraine Gary, Lance Guest, Mario Van Peebles, Karen Young.