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1958 - 69m.

The interest perking opening narration tells the tale of a spaceship captain on Mars in 1973 whos crew is killed by a nasty alien only for the murders to start again when he's picked-up by another ship.

Well done sci-fi/horror turns out to be very well-written for its day with some eerie plotting, a few surprisingly suspenseful moments and a first alien attack that makes effective use of shadows.

One of the better 50's efforts even if it's leisurely paced at times. This is the inspiration for 1979's Alien and it shows with scenes in this very similiar to the later film.

Writer/sci-fi novelist Bixby has crafted an intelligent script and director Cahn helps make it work well.

Directed By: Edward L. Cahn.
Written By: Jerome Bixby.

Starring: Marshall Thompson, Shawn Smith, Kim Spalding, Ann Doran.