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2000 - 8m.

Young married couple leave their son at home and rush off to the wife's job interview at a local art gallery. She tells her husband that if she's not out in ten minutes to come look for her. He does and gets a morbid little surprise.

This brief short from writer/director Abed runs too briefly to build any characterization but for some reason has a constant and odd eerie feeling throughout and a pretty good little twist ending (even though it's much too open-ended, and short, to give proper judgement).

A bit on the amateurish side for acting, but a pretty good short that shows some promise and has a neat title sequence (which takes up too much of the very short running time, but is still neat).

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Directed By: Ramzi Abed.
Written By: Ramzi Abed.

Starring: J. Matthew Butler, Heather Bohlman, Eric Fleming, Isaac Uhlemann.