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2002 - 83m.

This is probably the only killer housefly flick ever made and despite the fact it manages to define its characters well quickly and there's a fair share of realistic dialogue it falls victim to overdone CGI effects (all the flies are computer generated and when a headless guy literally "blows his top" like a volcano) and a thin plot - they never once actually tells us what the flies are or why they're attacking people.

A group of yuppie friends (that includes Zach Galligan and former "pink Power Ranger" Amy Jo Johnson) who haven't seen each other in years are brought together by the death of one of their old pals and are soon being attacked by groups of nasty flies which burrow into your skin and eventually possess you and make you into a mindless killer.

This entire thing is pretty silly and gets outright ridiculous in the finale; but it still manages to be a mildly amusing timewaster due to its unserious tone and some gooey gore effects (like a pleasing moment where one of the possessed friends gets a crowbar to the head) - just don't expect much sense.

Johnson makes a decent heroine (and is the best thing here) - too bad writer/director Josh Olson trots out too many goofy ideas in the finale (that involve music and gasoline). (Chris Hartley, 6/28/04)

Directed By: Josh Olson.
Written By: Josh Olson.

Starring: Zach Galligan, Lisa Ann Hadley, Daniel Jenkins, Amy Jo Johnson.