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1963 - 81m.

Ray Dennis Steckler is certainly not a lucky guy. In the 60's he put out a series of low-budget drive-in pictures (that included Thrill Killers, Rat Pfink A Boo Boo and this - his most famous film) and somehow got lumped into a group as one the the "worst director's of all-time". I myself don't agree with this because even though his films were cheap, sometimes amateurish and featured Steckler himself in the lead (under his alias, Cash Flagg); they were at least watchable and, at times, entertaining.

This one doesn't make much sense, or have much plot, as Flagg stars as a teenage rebel who goes to the carnival one night and is hypnotized by the local fortune teller to carry out her bidding - which just so happens to involve killing anyone who poses a threat to our teller and her belly-dancing sister.

This leads to all sorts of dopey moments (like the pre-credits "acid in the face" scene), lots of padding involving song and dance numbers and an unintentionally amusing zombified stabbing that is followed by a totally bizarre dream sequence. It's not great filmmaking, that's for sure, and the zombies of the title don't show-up until the last fifteen minutes; but it is a bearable and midly entertaining bunch of cheese that's a must for fans of low-brow, low-scale and low-budget drive-in cinema.

Directed By: Ray Dennis Steckler.
Written By: Gene Pollock, Robert Silliphant.

Starring: Cash Flagg (Ray Dennis Steckler), Brett O'Hara, Atlas King, Sharon Walsh.

aka: The Teenage Psycho Meets Bloody Mary.