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1945 - 67m.

House Of Dracula is the follow up to Universal's first monster mash, House Of Frankenstein. This time, we find Baron Latos (aka: Count Dracula, played here by John Carradine) and Larry Talbot (aka: The Wolf Man, played as always by Lon Chaney Jr.) seeking the assistance of Dr. Edelman (Onslow Stevens) to cure their respective "conditions". Not long passes before things spiral out of control and the good doctor is giving blood transfusions to Dracula which quickly turns him into a pawn of the fanged one. If that weren't enough, Talbot and the doctor find the body of the Frankenstein's Monster (Glenn Strange in an extended cameo) and bring it back to life.

House Of Dracula is a lot of fun and actually brings together the Universal monsters quite well. The cast is obviously star studded (well, you know what I mean) with all the main characters putting in exceptional performances. Chaney's character is as tragic as always, Carradine is one of the best Dracula's ever (his "forsake the Cross, join me" scene is my favorite vampire seduction scene ever), and Stevens does both the normal doctor and his Jekyll/Hyde monster perfectly.

The only real complaint is the length of the movie, at a paltry 67 minutes most of the scenes are rushed, or the actors simply get no screen time (Strange's role is the most obviously neglected). That said, put it together with House Of Frankenstein and they make for one great long movie. (Red, 9/19/04)

Directed By: Erle C. Kenton.
Written By: Edward T. Lowe.

Starring: Onslow Stevens, Lon Chaney Jr., John Carradine, Martha O'Driscoll.