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1943 - 73m.

The first (and in my mind) only true sequel to 1941's The Wolf Man finds the cursed Larry Talbot resurrected and once again searching for a cure. Lon Chaney Jr. reprises his defining role as the Wolf Man and Frankenstein's monster is portrayed by a nearly unrecognizable Bela Lugosi. While it's far from being as good as either monster's original film (or Bride Of Frankenstein for that matter), Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man is fast paced and a lot of fun.

The story once again concerns Larry Talbot trying to end his curse. He now realizes he can't be killed by conventional (for a werewolf anyway) means, so he goes in search of Dr. Frankenstein. Unbeknownst to him, the good doctor is dead and his monster is left frozen below the burnt out castle. Of course, with the help of Talbot's doctor, the machines are soon running again and the Monster is at full strength (though still blind from The Ghost Of Frankenstein). The titular meeting is actually a fight between the two when the monster regains his power and tries toting off Ms. Frankenstein.

As you can expect, this isn't on the same level as the other Universal films, and it doesn't attempt the same serious tone. This is just an excuse to put these two together and have some fun. It still has terrific performances from Chaney, Ouspenskaya, and Knowles though, and is well worth checking out for fans of either monster, or for fans of these "horror teamups". (Red, 5/13/04)

Directed By: Roy William Neill.
Written By: Curt Siodmak.

Starring: Lon Chaney Jr., Bela Lugosi, Patric Knowles, Ilone Massey.