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1988 - 80m.

Chicago lensed shot-on-video cheapness has a killer dressed as a hippie killing people who are doing the deed in bloody ways as a high-strung detective (who's constantly cursing, yelling and having spazz-outs) tries to stop him.

To be seen once by bad movie lovers (mind you, only once); this compellingly awful indie effort isn't quite as boring as a lot are, but there's a lot of lame looking gore, amateurish acting (which seems like actor workshop quality) and a lot of talking interspersed with killing.

However, if you're looking for laughs, then you'll dig the obviously corn syrup blood, the dubbed screaming, the minimalist sets (I've never seen a more threadbare detective's office before) and when a victim stumbles around with a knife literally "taped" to his throat!

The highlight of this rotten fare? Definitely the decapitation scene (which is seen prominently on the video box).

Directed By: Wally Koz.
Written By: Roy M. Koz.

Starring: Mara-Lynn Bastian, Charles Fuller, Greg Kerovac, Greg Neilson.