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1998 - 72m.

Anthology independent effort with three separate stories starts off with "The Downfall Of Johnny Garrett" which has a woman who was raped by a gang-banger getting revenge using the resurrected corpse of her murdered friend. It has a good musical score with some mildly suspenseful moments with a unnerving rape sequence.

Then it's "Szamota's Mistress" about a man who is obsessed and eventually has an affair with a mysterious woman only to find a dastardly secret in the finale. Apart from the crisp black & white photography this tale is pretty pointless and an empty attempt at artiness with a out-of-place techno score.

Lastly it's the tale "Stalk" which stars Playboy playmate SaRenna Lee as a stripper who becomes the object of fixation for a unhinged fan. With a few decent attempts at suspense the story falls victim to Lee's frighteningly ample (and distractingly sickly) Chesty Morgan-like bosom and her amateurish acting, also a very unflattering white dress.

Overall this isn't a horrible effort and it is competently made it just could have used a bit more fleshing-out storywise. You could do a lot worse and if you want a bearable anthology flick this isn't that bad a choice.

Directed By: Joseph F. Parda, Terry R. Wickham.
Written By: Joseph F. Parda, Terry R. Wickham.

Starring: SaRenna Lee, Joseph Zaso, Nicole Bryl, Tina Krause.