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1995 - 86m.

Poor Ed. He's a mild-mannered film editor who's brought in to cut the gore and abundant violence out of a horror movie series only for the depravity he sees on film to affect his sanity. So now he's all nutty and out to please his blood lust by chopping, cutting and mangling anyone who gets in his way.

Off-beat horror import has a muted, but somewhat interesting, build-up before going for straight out camp.

Generally produced well and watchable this never takes itself seriously and has plenty of satirical jabs at violence in film (while piling on a bunch of its own). It even manages to throw in a plot twist just about the time it starts to feel stale and routine.

The makers of this certainly enjoy riffing on Evil Dead II even having one character mutter "Groovy" and throwing in the wild steadi-cam shots so prevalent in that series. The tagline certainly rings true: "It's a no-brainer".

Also available in an unrated (and presumably bloodier) version.

Directed By: Anders Jacobsson.
Written By: Anders Jacobsson, Goran Lundstrom, Christer Ohlsson.

Starring: Johan Rudebeck, Per Lofberg, Olof Rhodin, Camela Leierth.