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2002 - 90m.

Cassandra Peterson returns under her cult icon guise of Elvira (vampy host of TV's defunct Movie Macabre and her of the low-cut black dress) for this follow-up to her 1988 Mistress Of The Dark flick. Only this time it's set in Victorian times as Elvira and her maid end-up spending the night at an old creepy castle when they hitch a ride with a local.

Problems start to arise when the castle turns out to be haunted by the wife of the count who owns the place (Rocky Horror Picture Show's Richard O'Brien) and Elvira just happens to look exactly like her.

This spoof of Roger Corman's 60's gothic horror flicks he made for American International is packed with the same mild innuendo and boob jokes of the first film, only this time the humour feels dated and a lot of the jokes are practically beaten to death (the one involving "screams" for example).

Sure, Peterson and O'Brien are hammy enough and some of the self conscious humour isn't bad; but this is a bland and uninspiring effort that even fans of the title character might find hard going. The obvious lower-budget shows in the set design and the finale is particularly lame. (Chris Hartley, 9/2/04)

Directed By: Sam Irvin.
Written By: John Paragon, Cassandra Peterson.

Starring: Elvira (Cassandra Peterson), Richard O'Brien, Mary Scheer, Scott Atkinson.