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1988 - 96m.

Cult icon Elvira (host of TV's Movie Macabre show and possessor of plentyful cleavage thanks to a slinky black low-cut dress) makes the jump to feature films as she goes to a small "upstanding" town for the will reading of her late aunt only to get caught-up with the towns disapproval of her and having to take on her mean uncle (W. Morgan Sheppard, who makes a good villian) who wants a magical cookbook.

With lots of sarcastic one-liners, a bunch of "boob" jokes and juvenile chuckles this makes for goofy amusement with a finale that trots out a bunch of horror elements (a live severed hand, demons and all sorts of mischife), a main character who's likeable and Edie McClurg amusing as the towns "goodie goodie".

Co-writer/star Cassandra Peterson does more than we'd of expected with the character and this is a fun timewaster for sure. Loved the stew pot monster, didn't love that it ended with a musical number.

Followed fourteen years later by Elvira's Haunted Hills.

Directed By: James Signorelli.
Written By: Sam Egan, John Paragon, Cassandra Peterson.

Starring: Elvira, W. Morgan Sheppard, Daniel Greene, Susan Kellermann.