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1991 - 93m.

Child's Play knock-off has an American family going to Mexico so dad Sam Bottoms can open a doll factory only for one of the dolls left behind by the prior owner to become possessed by an ancient evil spirit that's been set free from the exploratory mine next door.

Soon the doll is working on possessing the family's little daughter while knocking-off anyone who gets in the way. It's up to mom Denise Crosby and grumpy archeologist Rip Torn to try and stop it.

Competently directed with a well done first doll attack; this is still mostly skippable due to its by-the-book plotting and a really poor finale that has the dolls spouting lame one-liners.

The effects are okay though a bit jerky at times, we get to laugh when one guy dies from getting his hand fed into a sewing machine and it's quite obvious Bottoms is a bad father since he's oblivious to all that's going on until the very end.

Child actor Candy Hutson could've been much worse as the possessed daughter.

Directed By: Maria Lease.
Written By: Maria Lease.

Starring: Denise Crosby, Sam Bottoms, Chris Demetral, Candy Hutson, Rip Torn.