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1981 - 80m.

Opening with a topless woman being tied-up and getting her hand cut-off this bearable if not overly thrilling tale has Samantha Eggar and her scientist husband in Mexico unearthing an ancient cursed "hand" container which promptly starts to possess people's left hands and make them go on killing sprees.

Pretty low-grade stuff this is a bit too silly with some murky plotting to work that good but there are a couple of neat death sequences (the demon hand is smart enough to bury itself in sand after setting it's owner on fire) and the finale is pretty cool.

But don't get me wrong this plays exactly like any somewhat weak exploitation film would; with slow-stretches, lots of wacky moments and a bit on unintentional hilarity during the operating room scene.

Eggar plays the hapless victim turned hand hunter and continues to be stuck in this type of film.

Directed By: Alfred Zacharias.
Written By: David Lee Fein, E. Amos Powell, Alfred Zacharias.

Starring: Samantha Eggar, Stuart Whiteman, Roy Cameron Jenson.

aka: Macabra.