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1974 - 73m.

From Psycho scribe Robert Bloch comes this tedious horror/mystery set in 1934 that has George Hamilton promising his brother (who's about to be executed) he'll clear his name when he's accused of a murder he didn't commit.

During his investigations all sorts of weird occult/voodoo things start to happen as the dead begin to come back and try and hinder his task.

Soap opera-ish telefilm has a competent group of actors behind it (including Ray Milland in a "guest starring" role) and the moment with an animated corpse in a funeral home isn't too bad; but it's never nothing more than a somewhat slow going pot-boiler with a script that has mild zombie action, a so-so twist ending and nothing really exciting going on.

Passable at best.

Directed By: Curtis Harrington.
Written By: Robert Bloch.

Starring: George Hamilton, Linda Cristal, Joan Blondell, Ralph Meeker.