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1988 - 92m.

Sometimes along comes a movie so inept and so embarassing that you almost want to curse the creation of home video since it gave everyone and their dog a chance to get their movie on video. Well, Curse Of The Blue Lights, is a fine example of what not to do in a low-budget horror movie.

Some badly made-up ghouls (led by a bloated Brent Ritter who can barely swing a sword in the finale) are killing people to feed the blood to the corpse of the "Muldoon Man"; a vicious (viciously fake looking guy in a rubber suit that is) monster. Well some teenagers get caught up in it all and along with a witch (who's got the usual jewels hanging from the doorway junk) try to stay alive.

Completely grade school in feeling and production, it certainly doesn't get much more inane than this.

Totally laughable with very weak make-up effects (which are, of course, called 'spectacular' on the box) and amateurish acting this is only good for laughs at the many horrid moments (mentioned below); otherwise it's a miserable, miserable time.

After an okay scarecrow opening attack it's all into the toilet with a ghoul cop with expandy arms, a possessed room ("oh no, look out for that fencing sword!"), one ghoul actor who's obviously having a hard time with his fake teeth since he can barely talk right, a meltdown that leaves the mouth still muttering and a zombie rampage that's topped by the appearance of the aforementioned "Muldoon Man".

And why is this the "original uncensored version"?

Directed By: John Henry Johnson.
Written By: John Henry Johnson.

Starring: Brent Ritter, Bettina Julius, Kent E. Fritzell, Willard Hall.