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2001 - 93m.

Another unnecessary (and unwanted) sequel from Nu Image this time to the Tobe Hooper dud original.

Opening with an okay bank robbery this soon trots out its not bad set-up that has a plane full of the robbers, some partying teens, a lawyer and some stewardesses crashing during a storm in a Mexican swamp only for them to fall victim to a gigantic crocodile.

With an entertaining first third, an actually unexpected first attack and better effects than the original (they're better in the dark as the pure daylight shot crocs look crappy) this showed a little bit of promise; but as with most of the films coming from Nu Image this soon gets too stupid for its own good and is pretty weak with an extremely sloppy finale.

Plus we have an African-American baddie leader (Darrryl Thierse) who swears too much which doesn't seem suited for the actor playing him, yet another "hellicopter grab" moment (a favourite of "giant sea creature" movies) and B-movie veteran Martin Kove as a tracker extrordinaire (who's hired by one of the stewardess'es boyfriends to track them down - groan!) to attempt to add some "class" to this.

As is it's a completely passable time that has a few okay moments but not quite enough of them. It's still better than the original though.

Directed By: Gary Jones.
Written By: Jace Anderson, Adam Gierasch.

Starring: Heidi Loelle Lenhart, Steve Moreno, Jon Sklaroff, Chuck Walczak.