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2001 - 61m.

Anthology horror from Vancouver, British Columbia's Creepy Six Films introduces us to Miss Ligaya a sort of low-rent Crypt Keeper-like host to the four tales within.

Firstly is "Take It As It Comes", a somewhat disjointed tale of a guy who's being hunted by cyborgs who want a package he has in his possession. It's a bit amateurish and suffers from poorly staged action (what no squibs?).

Then there's "Dead Head" which works the best of the batch as a girl comes home to find her ex-boyfriend dead and has to try and cover it up with the help of her best friend. There's a pretty decent twist to this story, it's acted fine and has some okay dialogue to make us forgive that the camera seems unsteady and why a burglar shows up out of the blue to claim a knife.

Then it's "Six Shots At Dawn" which brings H.P. Lovecraft's most memorable character Herbert West back with pal Ben Lovecraft only for their re-animating experiments to get out of hand and have a quite cranky zombie on their hands. Pretty dull feeling this is probably the weakest tale here.

Lastly is "Hell & Back" which amuses with its Cops reality show segments but really doesn't flesh out its serial killer/female vampires subplot enough to satsify. In fact it feels a little undercooked.

Overall, this is an okay effort on a minimal budget but could have used a bit of fleshing-out in the script department and all the action sequences are just staged too badly to work. The second and fourth tales work best and show promise, let's just hope Creepy Six continue to plug away and they're sure to get it right.

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Directed By: Vince D'Amato.
Written By: Vince D'Amato.

Starring: Ligaya Allmer, C.S. Munro, Jon Scheffer, Rob Carpenter.