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1972 - 73m.

Fans of trashy drive-in cinema will delight at this amateurish but watchably "so bad, it's good" fare from Ted V. Mikels.

Opening with a cheesy housecat attack we soon learn that the guys at Lotus Cat Food Company are buying bodies from a local gravedigger and grinding them up as a "secret ingredient" in their pet food. However, the side effect has our feline friends eating the food (remember, it's made from yummy humans!) and going loco and flying at their owner's necks in a blood frenzy fury. It's up to a doctor and his nurse sidekick to try and solve the mystery and stop the cat murders.

Morbid premise is given dopey execution with this totally inept cult classic (which every self respecting bad movie fan should see at least once) that has a cast filled with mostly ugly non-actors (though Sanford Mitchell gives a priceless over-the-top performance as the nuttier of the company owners) and lots of bizarre attempts at humour to make it one lurid little shocker that entertains just because it's so darn off-beat.

This is my first exposure to Mikel's work and if this is an example of his other films I'll be sure to seek them out; but I must give him credit for being fairly competent as a director (even the "graveyard burial" scene almost works).

Thanks to Image Entertainment you can snag this on DVD (for about ten bucks!); it's well worth the cash for lots of unintentional cheesy laughs.

Followed almost thirty years later by a sequel.

Directed By: Ted V. Mikels.
Written By: Joseph Cranston, Arch Hall.

Starring: Sean Kenney, Monika Kelly, Sanford Mitchell, J. Byron Foster.