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2001 - 109m.

After the narrated opening apologizes for the first two sequels this soon gets down to Tromatic goodness as it's fifteen years after the original romp and the series returns to the outrageous gore, witty satire and juvenile antics that was mostly lacking in the previous follow-ups.

Toxie is back and after crushing the "Diaper Mafia" gorily after they've taken over the "Tromavilla School For The Very Special" he finds himself switching places with his alter ego "The Noxious Offender" who lives in an alternate universe. Seems the Toxie is a good guy crime crusher and that "Noxie" is a bad-ass crime lord.

From here it's gore set pieces, lots of "mistaken identity" chuckles, Porn legend Ron Jeremy playing Tromaville's mayor who calls in a handful of superheroes to take-out "Noxie" (including a drunken buffon Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD and other amusing "heroes") and lots of low-budget, low-brow stuff that only Troma can produce.

Tasteless and offensive but a welcome return to exactly that; this is an entertaining and pretty fun time that is too loosely plotted and hit-or-miss to capture the greatness of the original but certainly tries hard to.

Michael Budinger almost steals the show as the "retarded rebel" Tito, there's an amusing "interpretor" moment, the newscasters who pop-up throughout are hilarious, it's loaded with former cast members and B-list actors in side roles, Toxie looks pretty darn cool and there's a pretty cool fight sequence set in a butcher shop.

If you love Toxie (and were disappointed in the sequels) this is for you - though it's a bit overlong like the other follows-up were.

Review based on Unrated Director's Cut.

Directed By: Lloyd Kaufman.
Written By: Patrick Cassidy, Gabriel Friedman, Trent Haaga, Lloyd Kaufman.

Starring: David Mattey, Heidi Stursen, Pauyl Kyrmse, Joe Fleishaker.