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1991 - 89m.

Second sequel to the cult hit original is set eight years after the events of part two and has a now sixteen-year-old Andy Barclay (Justin Whalin) being sent to a youth Military academy right about the same time the toy company decides to relaunch their "Good Guy" line of toys.

Since Chucky's blood mixed-in with the toymaking process our favourite killer doll returns to life and proceeds to hunt down Andy again killing anybody who gets in the way while spouting out a whole slew of new one-liners. Along the way Chucky gets his sights on young African-American recruit Tyler (weakly played by Jeremy Sylvers) who he wants to transfer his soul into ("Chucky's gonna be a bro!") and who doesn't seem to have a problem accepting a doll is alive.

Playing like a low-scale Taps at times this mediocre sequel brings back anti-hero Chucky for another round (voiced again by the great Brad Dourif) but has thrown him in a fairly sloppy movie that focusses on its jokey tone more than horror, has a weak funhouse finale (and one cheap looking funhouse it is!) and just can't reach the entertainment level even of the moderately watchable second entry. Plus they gave Chucky a gun - boo!

Andrew Robinson (of Hellraiser fame) totally rules as the wacko barber, there's a mildly amusing "heart attack" moment and you just have to get morbid smiles when Chucky changes the ammo in the guns for the academy's "war games" with real rounds.

Followed by Bride Of Chucky.

Directed By: Jack Bender.
Written By: Don Mancini.

Starring: Justin Whalin, Perrey Reeves, Jeremy Sylvers, Peter Haskell.